3D Object Framing Edinburgh

Do you have an unusual object that requires protection? We can probably help!

Grahame is our Object framing Guru, his favourite weapons of choice are melinex, rare earth magnets and piano wire, although we've been known to use many different fully reversible attachment methods to hold things in place.

We pride ourselves on being able to frame complex items. Have a look at the items below for some idea of what we can do.

If you have something unusual you are considering having framed, please ask and we can suggest a method to suit.

We've framed some interesting items including; Cricket Bats, Banknotes, WW2 German Army Knives, a rare WW1 Handkerchief, Medals Etc.

You Name it! We can probably frame it!

We always welcome a challenge! If you have an object you'd like framed then drop us a message.

gears from a formula 1 car

I would like to thank Mary + Grahame, for taking the time to evaluate how best to carry out the delicate task of framing my antique Japanese Lacquerware board. Grahame was very enthusiastic to see that mounting the delicate board was carried out to the highest professional standard without any damage. I can only say 10/10 at HAVE IT FRAMED. I have no hesitation in recommending them

Rolf Whyte - Google Review
fossilised fish
medals and service book
Dartboard Cake Topper
cap frmaing football cap rugby cap
framed glove

My husband was so pleased with the cap you framed for me. It has pride of place on our wall. I was so impressed with your service and the quality of your work.

Susie Cooper
DRS wing framed from Formula 1
framed golfing hole in one memorabilia
framed part of a landrover
framed football boots
formula 1 memorabilia
framed shell
framed wedding knot
framed banknote
Fragile Fans
framed block of wood
Pink FLoyd Guitar Framed.
framed bank note
boxing glove and short framing